107 Aberdeen Squadron Air Cadets
Location: The ATC -> Cadet Exam Training

Cadet Exam Training

The cadets are able to progress throughout their time with the ATC by undertaking training on subjects such as Navigation, Airmanship, Aircraft Recognition and the Principles of Flight.

Success in these exams will allow the cadets to be awarded more senior cadet classifications, the badges for which are displayed on the brassard. See Cadet Classifications for more information.
Leading Classification Training Manuals

ACP 32 Volume 2 Basic Navigation ACP 33 Volume 2 Principles Of Flight
ACP 34 Volume 2 Airmanship II Aircraft Recognition Aid (Airmanship II)

Senior / Master Air Cadet Classification Training Manuals

ACP 32 Volume 3 Air Navigation ACP 32 Volume 4 Pilot Navigation
ACP 33 Volume 3 Propulsion ACP 33 Volume 4 Airframes
ACP 34 Volume 3 Aircraft Handling ACP 34 Volume 4 Operational Flying
ACP 35 Volume 3 Advanced Radio & Radar ACP 35 Volume 4 Satellite Communication

NCO Training Course Notes

JNCO Course Notes SNCO Course Notes